чръный человек (sauserful) wrote in sigma6,
чръный человек

Architectural Abdabs!



And up-and-coming pop group here at the Poly
[Polytechnic School - Ed.] call themselves "the Abdabs" and hope to establish themselves playing Rhythm and Blues. Most of them are architectual students.

Their names are Nick Mason (drums); Rick Wright (Rhythm guitar); Clive Metcalf (bass); Roger Walters [sic] (lead); and finally Keith Noble and Juliette Gale (singers).
Why is it that Rhythm and Blues has suddenly come into its own?
Roger was the first to answer:
"It is easier to express yourself rhythmically in Blues-style. It doesn't need practice, just basic understanding."
"I prefer to play it because it is musically more interesting," said Clive. I suppose he was comparing it to Rock. Well, how does it compare? Roger was quite emphatic on this point: "Rock is just beat without expression, though admittedly Rhythm and Blues forms the basis of original Rock."
It so happens that they are Jazz enthusiasts.
Was there any similarity? I asked.
In Keith's opinion there was. "The Blues is just a primitive form of modern jazz."
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